Re: The first Double Digit Redshift confirmed (13.2 b years old)

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 18, 2004 at 13:27

Re: The first Double Digit Redshift confirmed (13.2 b years old) (anyman)

Hi anyman, nice to see you writing again.
So, its getting better, its getting better all of the time? Hehehe
Is that because you are waiting for 'Science to trip up?' Or for the Good Lord to show us where we are going wrong?
Although I cannot easily answer your 800,000 year old discrepancy question, with authority.
Might I suggest that its all tied up the modern thinking of today. i.e The Red Shift.
The Red Shift seems to be the cause of all our problems, yours and mine, especially yours?

A basic fact, as we know it, is that Galaxies are receeding ever faster, the further away they are. Ultimately they 'wink out' (become unobservable)

Unobservable implies the max Red Shift is reached
the moment the galaxies 'wink out'. Does that mean they have reached the speed of light? Relative to us? Doubtful.
Its more like the light has become too stretched, too red and too feeble for us to register.
And yet if light really gets tired, where does its energy go?
So given that the best explanation is that light gets 'stretched/weaker due to the speed the galaxies are receeding from us - why is it that the Universe at 13.2 billion light years away looks much the same in density as our local Universe? For the galaxies to receed, yet to occupy a much much greater area of the Universe
with roughly the same density is clearly immpossible. Unless somewhere between us and the Max Red Shift, matter is continuously being created? -Conditions for the Steady State Universe, put forward by Hoyle- (I believe).

Since matter cannot be created out of nothing, and God is far too busy overseeing both the visible and the invisible Universes.

Might I suggest that any matter formed, appears at the expense of the energy of expansion of the Universe. (keeps the equations on track)
So that the Galaxies you say are only 800,000 years old, in a 14 billion (max red shift)yr old Universe. .......I say are very very much older. Having formed somewhere between us and a 13.2 red shift. What you really should be saying is that these 13.2 Red Shifted Galaxies only have just 800,000 years of life left, before they disappear.
Well, thats my Godless explanation, all in the cause of science.

P.S Still love ya, ...and hows your golf?

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