Re: Glass Tunnels on Mars - Revisited (Life?)

Posted by Pasti on Mar 17, 2004 at 22:17

Re: Glass Tunnels on Mars - Revisited (Life?) (Mike Kremer)

Mike,no offense, but it might be whishful thinking from A.C.Clarke

First of all, let's not call them glass worms, since for the time being there is no info that it might be glass.

Second of all, and please believe me that I have some good expertise in processing images,there isn't anything more anyone could say about those images.A photograph means something when you know what it represents.Otherwise,it is only a photograph.
What I want to say is that photographic evidence acqires meaning with additional info,and not by itself - by itself, it can be mostly a clue, something intriguing.
Something like this:Mike's photo offers maximum of info only someone that knows Mike, and knows the place where it was taken.Otherwise, for a stranger, it only shows someone someplace,for an extraterestrial unfamiliar with earth, it shows some type of organism/living being in some environment, etc.

The photo you posted is a garden variety photo, not even a grayscale image, so there is no definite 3d info.Of course,unless you start calculating shadows,and similar,but even in this case the topography info will be only qualitative.

Sure, it looks intrguing,but unfortunately,that's all it does.For Clarke it looks like a giant glass worm, for me it looks like a burried power line,uncovered by wind erosion.

Not only that, but if you are any familiar with sandy rocks, whatever their geological name is,sedimentary rock or something like that,the formations look like a ridge eroded by winds, of sand flowing over. I have seen something similar 15 years ago when I was hiking in the mountains, but unfortunately what I have seen was at a much smaller scale,of the order of meters.
And the shining is not uncommon,you would be surpriese the albedo is even for flower pot soil, which otherwise is black...

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