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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 17, 2004 at 17:29

Re: Feo: Identity party (I.D / E.T / A.I )

"Alice" is still wreaking havoc, but Doug has brought her a new playmate for a while. :-)

Haven't been back to work on that project for a while. I'm waiting on a Spanish translation to make sure I got the dialogue worked out properly. I've been off to planets distant and harsh, playing with cloning and sexuality, men and monsters, Metallurgists and Chemists. Check out NaNoWriMo and NaNoEdMo, for a hint of what I've been up to, and an excerpt.

But the Vinny is so...beautiful! Classic in its lines, superbly engineered, so, er, "Structural", if you get my meaning.

I have a relative who has a Honda Goldwing; it soars pretty nicely, especially when an insane squirrel attacks your hand and refuses to let go. It can go 60 miles an hour on one wheel in a residential area then! (It happened in Dallas!)

I'm no revolutionary; I'm just "revolting", as they say. I've got nothing against the government, it's the leadership or misapplication thereof to which I from time to time find myself at crossed purposes with. Now that Bush has made the US one of the most despised and derided nations in the world, it's hard to have much enthusiasm for the government, but the underlying principles can't be beat, I think. I'd gladly go anywhere they have a cure for cfids, but I'd prefer a democratic principle of government.

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