Re: Brain Changes seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds

Posted by Shasta on Mar 17, 2004 at 14:58

Re: Brain Changes seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds (Pasti)

If you could see the ethernet architecture here, you would cry. Literally. I have 3 computers on a segment of Thin-Net (BNC Coaxial) cable, running at 10mbps. I have one end of that segment running to a Netgear EN104 hub with BNC port. All the hub does is (fanfare, please, thank you) route the stuff from the BNC segment to my Netgear MR814 Wireless router. My computer, with a 10/100 card, is connected directly to the router (and thus has the lowest latency to the internet), and then 1 (formerly two) laptop(formerly s) connects via Netgear MA401 wireless cards to the MR814.

Soon (whenever I acquire the equipment to do so-- should be on the way), I will move the MR814 to a position of less "responsibility" to where it's just a wireless access point for the LAN, and set up a Gentoo Linux machine for a router, with two D-Link 10/100 LAN cards. That should make my LAN a little more secure, as I'll have a Network Intrusion Detection system (Snort) on it, and it'll be about the most secure box on my entire LAN.

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