Re: Brain Changes seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds

Posted by Pasti on Mar 17, 2004 at 14:22

Re: Brain Changes seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds (Amaranth Rose)

"Intellectually I realize you're right, Pasti. Somehow deep in my gut I feel a bit differently, and those instincts have served me well in the past. Confrontation is not my forte; I really prefer to be the one presenting the paper at the conference. :-)"

Then, I would say, follow your instincts.I've also learned to trust them (mine,that is) long ago, and without exageration, they saved my life a few times.

Personally I don't like such kind of confrontation either, but I'll be damned if I will allow evrey dimwitt that's one fry short of a happy meal to rant at their leasure about what they please.
And believe me, at today's conferences and seminars (some of them, fortunately not very many) you really have to fight to be able to deliver your talk.In most cases,there are one or two people in the audience (otherwise more than knowledgeable)that will start interrupt you repeatedly in the middle of your talk with questions, to the point where if you allow them, they will take over the discussion, and won't let you say a word. Happened to me not a month ago.

We gave up Dial-up (with alacrity!) to get DSL; in our service area it is not possible to have both where we are. Plus, with DSL we have active phone service whereas with dial-up we had no phone when the modem was in use. Second lines cost more than this household makes."

I have DSL too, but I refused to put an ethernet board(the "darlings" from the ISP even offered to include one with the DSL switchboard), and it can be used with dial-up too, which is what I am doing now.

But let me ask you something.I understand you keep a server up at all times,so maybe what I will be saying is useless.Nevertheless,usually with the DSL comes a deal of I don't know how many email accounts and web pages on the ISP server.Can't you upload your web page(s) on the ISP server, disable yours, and switch back to dial-up DSL?And maybe make a physically distinct subnet in your home and connect the sever to the dial-up computer in this subnet (with what you already have in terms of hardware)?It's not a difficult architecture to build(although you might need an ethernet hub).

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