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DA Morgan on Mar 17, 2004 at 07:30

Re: God Vs Science (peep)

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"By the way, as you implied, the rule concerning the Sabbath day, does indeed seem ludicrously cruel, at least on the surface anyway, for whether one believes in God or not, it just doesn't right fit in with the assertion that "He" is a loving and compassionate kind of "person", does it?"

Seems perfectly consistent though if you wish to accept the belief that some entity consciously and with full understanding of the implications also invented hell, the devil, leukemia, ebola, rabies, malaria, brain tumors, etc. and was responsible by its own admission for the genocide of innocents: You do remember that little thing about the flood don't you? And that little thing about killing all of the first born sons in an entire country don't you?

Loving and compassionate? About as loving and compassionate as was Pol Pot.

You have a position here that is totally unsupportable. You have an entity that claims to be one thing and repeatedly does the other. There is a word for that when people do it. You can't have it both way.

The cognitive illusion is best stated by the story of the guy that survives being run over by a large truck. His mother, sitting next to his bed in the hospital says to him: "Thank god your alive" to which he responds "You've got to be kidding mom: God just threw an 18 wheeler at me"?

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