Re: Brain Changes seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds

Posted by peep on Mar 16, 2004 at 22:11

Re: Brain Changes seen in Gay Sheep, U.S. Study Finds (Pasti)

Your response, Pasti, is appreciated (particularly minus the "spintronic lingo" you seemed so fond of weaving into threads above :-) ), and it is interesting that you mentioned research into the (de)evolution of criminal typology(ies) in association with the increased occurrences, or at least "outings", of homosexuality seen in today's society.

Sometimes, it really does seem like gay rights advocates exhibit a rather bullying, gang-like mentality, doesn't it? Some rather loud-mouthed individuals and groups actually seem interested in little more than influencing or acquiring legislative powers to impose social control over the masses, even though they themselves represent what is still a ridiculously small minority in society.

(Aside: Wasn't the U.S. founded on principles opposing a minority rule, and its Constitution written to thwart such things from happening?)

Power and control, though, are issues extending beyond strict Anatomy and Physiology, spilling well over into Neuro-Psychology (e.g., aggression, dominance, etc.). It therefore could well be worth looking into possible associations between behaviors exhibited by homosexuals and certain criminal types. Perhaps it'll turn up that what is good for the criminal goose might also be good for the criminal gander?

Now, if only discussing the issue could remain true to Biological and Behavioral Sciences, and avoid getting frightfully muddied up by political correctification, everyone might better understand what's going on. It's a sensitive issue, no doubt, but isn't Science supposed to be about boldly going where no one has gone before? Or is it now completely enslaved by fear and forever consigned to worship only research funds and Nobel prizes?

(Aside: Ever notice how hermaphrodites, individuals who perhaps are the only ones actually entitled to be "confused" concerning the nature of human sexuality, receive little to no attention by those on either side of the orgasmic fence?)

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