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Posted by Pasti on Mar 16, 2004 at 17:20

Re: Forgive me (God does - for asking) (gifts)

"Usually your posts are so fragmented, frantic and fraught with frustration I can't see your over-all message, as there doesn't seem to be one. Just condemnation in the face of damnation (yours by default, in accepting the status quo)"

I am not very concerned with my damnation, nor with my salvation, for the obvious reason.

The overall message that I was,and still am,trying to convey,is that religious belief is a matter of personal choice, and it should be accepted and respected as such. And if you bother to look, this is the exact thing I told Kathy when this, let's call it "generalized thread", started.If you want for someone to respect your belief,then you should respect translation,a non-believer should respect the faith of a believer, and a believer should respect the choice (of non-believeing, of course),of a non-believer.

And, as I also said before,in more than 90% of the cases,it is the believer that fails to keep this deal, by preaching, and if the preaching is rejected,starts crying religious discrimination.

I am not denying the fact that the reasons in doing so might be noble, but this becomes rather irrelevant when a believer is told by someone that he doesn't want to be preached to.Which again,is what I, and the rest of the usuals on this board have told her.And to me, it seems fair.

Moreover, I also told her that as long as the discussion remains reasonable,we can also discuss topics pertaining to religion, but again,she chose to ignore that, especially the "reasonable" part.
Preaching is for those who want to listen to it,which is not the case here,and definitely preaching has no place on a science forum.She chose again to ignore that.

And it is for these reasons that I am and will continue this "thread" with Kathy.She makes it really easy,since up to this moment,she is only regurgitating the standard issue of any garden variety biggot.It is not very hard to see that, no matter if you are a believer or a non-believer.She might have faith, but she lacks common sense.

Gists?Is it clearer now?

"Faith is something you simply can't judge, without having any."

I disagree with you here.It is something one can choose to respect or not,depending ultimately on the person holding that belief.Let me give you a counterexample:Torquemada had faith,and because of his fanaticism,he was a murderer.

Or are you trying to imply that only the faithful can judge the faithful, and only the unfatihful can judge the unfaithful?I hope not.

"Your obvious disqualifications are exposing your blatant ignorance about the basic precepts."

You might be surprised.

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