Feo: What the Astronomical bodies have to say!

Posted by Feo Amante on Mar 16, 2004 at 15:25

Re: Astronomers to Detail Aspects of Sedna (Mike Kremer)

Here it is! The latest word from the 9 Astronomical Bodies when queried on the subject of whether or not Sedna is a planet!

So far the response has been ... reflective.

Now it is being said that Sedna may have its own moon. Some suggested that because Pluto has its own moon(s) it should be classified as a planet.

Yet we already know that some asteroids are big enough to have their own, though minute, satellites.

Maybe we've really gone on for too long without coming to an agreement of what exactly constitutes a planet - besides the idea of "any body smaller than earth and outside the asteroid belt is a questionable planet."

I for one am interested in seeing size ruled out of any agreement, since the size difference between earth and Sedna is paltry compared to the size difference between earth and the jovian planets.

A question though. I often (not always) see other planets spelled with the first letter capitalized and earth with a lower case one - even on some science sites. Anyone know why? I understand that Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc. are names of mythological Gods and so proper names, but still: There is a difference between a guy named Billy and a billy club.

Feo Amante

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