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Posted by Pasti on Mar 16, 2004 at 06:26

Re: Forgive me (God does) (ke)

"I dare, because I'm an advocate."

Actually, you dare because most of the time you don't exactly have a clue what you are talking about.
And you are not exactly an advocate,but a very poor lobbyist.

"War over faith? Why, because Bush carries a Bible and Sadam his poisons? This war is over oil, power and position. It has been made to appear it's over 'faith'."

As I said, if you bothered to read my previous post,I am against war.I told you it was over greed,not over faith,but it didn't exactly register with you.

Do you have any clue why the official spin has been "war over faith", as you say(this in case you can use your gray matter for more that preaching)?Try to answer this question before ranting more about war.

"Social problems have had a long time to resolve themselves, and the scenario only gets worse."

I agree with you that the social problems grow worse, but I would like to remind you that things were much worse before the 18th century, when religion and church played the main role.Remember,inquisition, holy wars,Giordano Bruno,the incas...
But again,you prove to be a hypocrite.You only take into consideration what serves you,and refuse to look at the pros and especially the cons, in your case.

And I would also like to remind you that in the history of the US it was the people, literally the people,who ended slavery,put together the country,stopped McCarthy in his "endeavor", brought the Vietnam war to an end, and the examples can continue.Not the church, and not religion.In most of the cases I mentioned above,the church was more concerned in guardind its assets than actually siding with the people.

For someone so religious, you have surprisingly little faith in your fellow humans.You might be surprised.

"Who are you kidding."

I am not kidding anyone, but you go to large efforts to fool yourself, allegedly in the name of faith.Too bad for you.

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