Re: Biogenetic laws and "cosmic rules"

Posted by HS on Mar 16, 2004 at 03:32

Re: Biogenetic laws and "cosmic rules" (Shasta)

See? No one can resist here! Get a bite, everytime. You SAY they will 'ignore', but they simply can't. O joy, O joy! Spamming for God - fancy THAT! How twisted can one get?

I've seen her submit one science issue after another, and yet it's always attacked as too, "Godly", even if the questions addressed were asked by queries seeking a Godly answer.

What a back-to-front world they never prepared anyone for actually living in. Everyone back-stabbing, hating and name-calling everyone else, simply ... because. No reasons, no ethics, no morals, no principles (no beliefs) - just smoke, threats, distractions and accusations, all because she keeps trying to tie SOME ethics and thought into the threads.

Who needs help?

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