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Posted by ke on Mar 16, 2004 at 02:31

Re: Biogenetic laws and "cosmic rules" (Amaranth Rose)

I stand corrected.

You are an ordained minister that has not yet claimed an association, nor whom that authority might be. Sort of like the reasoning behind those whom have their children christened, that don't believe, or those that take vows when wedding, not intending to adhere to them - it's become ... custom(ary) or, somehow, necessary?

Oxford Dictionary
minister 1.n.executive agent; person in charge of department of State; diplomatic representative, esp. one ranking below ambassador,(esp Nonconformist) clergy. 2v.i.&t. rendor aid or service (to person etc.). 3.¡­erial a. (-ally) of ministry or office, of government; ¡­ration n.; ¡­ry n. the ministers of the government or of religion, government department headed by minister, building occupied by it (period of tenure of) office of minister. [F f. L (minister servant)

Why bother? Except, perhaps, to ordain yourself as a self-proclaimed 'Goddess'?

Whom do you "represent", whom are you serving... and what, since your appointment, be definition, includes teaching or outreaching, could that ever be (as a minister)? Are you on this forum as a minister or scientist, robes dropped for the occasion? Sounds more like a tax dodge to me.

Because it's a science forum, your stating what you say are facts - even your having apparently 'sworn' to whomever/whatever that represents, does not constitute facts, according to your own dictates, but you felt it somehow relevant to mention your association.

And where, per chance, did you get your quote? Are you referring to your customers? Do tell, it's not AR, parrot 'praising' (paraphrasing ...)

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