Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests

Posted by Pasti on Mar 15, 2004 at 19:47

Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests (Kathy)

"Generally, when people donate their bodies to science, it's promoted that they will be saving lives, either in parts, or research. Not testing landmines."

You are dumb.Testing footware,not landmines.Which,at least in principle, is a laudable ideea, to develop footwear more resistent to landmines.It should have been done since Vietnam,and maybe fewer had suffered and continue to suffer.
The question that you didn't get was why bodies, instead of rigged dummies, since the latter would offer much more data.

"I'm not gay (so wasn't inviting your 'touch'), and baggage is usually left behind when you die. It was the thought that counted."

The more I read what you spew, the more I am convinced that you actually need professional help.From religion, science, doesn't matter.The more help you get, the better for you.I only hope that whatever you have is treatable.

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