Re: Theory of eveloution

Posted by Pasti on Mar 15, 2004 at 19:31

Re: Theory of eveloution (Thorlord)

"Why would we be here in the first place if there is no God what is the point in liveing.I could when a Charlise Darwen award for this won kill my self. Because if there is no God there is no point to this life."

If your only purpose of living is God, I pitty you.You are a very empty person.

"But God is real and I will countion to preach the word of Christ. I am not a hiporict I do what I preach."

If indeed you are not a "hiporict", and if you say God is real,PROVE IT.
Otherwise, even if you do what you preach,you will remain a "hiporict".

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