Re: Astronomers to Detail Aspects of Sedna

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 15, 2004 at 16:51

Re: Astronomers to Detail Aspects of Sedna (Mike Kremer)

I would think that the definition of "planet" would depend partly on size and partly on the fact of it having an orbit around a star, and not on the origin of the object. I mean, I thought the status of "planet" was a non-discriminatory thing, kind of like the thing we have here of having civil rights regardless of race, creed , color, national or ethnic origin, or gender? I mean, if it's big, permanent, and in a stable predictable orbit, it's kind of like "it looks like a planet, it acts like a planet, it revolves like a planet, it must be a planet"?

But hey, I'm no astronomer. I don't make the rules. I just lean my head back and squint really hard up at the night sky and go "Uh, yeah, yeah," when someone tries to point out a constellation to me. :-)

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