Re: Biogenetic laws and "cosmic rules"

Posted by True on Mar 15, 2004 at 15:42

Re: Biogenetic laws and "cosmic rules" (ke)

Amaranth Rose has previously stated that she is an ordained minister but not in the Unitarian Universalist faith.

"But doesn't believe in anything but science? "

I'm sure most of the people that post on this forum know that what I am about to type is obvious but here it is anyway just so no one else has to type it.

A person can be a scientist and also have beliefs. Also someone can have beliefs and know the appropriate place to discuss them. Wait...there's more.Some people can even take a hint and realize that this is a science forum; most people would recognize that fact by the name of the forum.

I could write more but I don't have the imagination or literary talent of most people in this forum.

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