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Posted by Pasti on Mar 15, 2004 at 14:33

Re: Forgive me (God does) (Kathy)

"Keeping in mind these were mere men (usually) whom took principles and turned them to apply exclusively to those they determined "equal", and to govern anyone they thought was (too) different."

Ah, so now it is a discrimiation issue.How very original.May I remind you that Christ was a man also...
You are a hypocrite.And not a very intelligent one either.Why don't you go back to the history books, and check to see ho was "wearing the Christianism" say, during inquisition,especially in Spain and Portugal?Or in the roman empire, when Christianism was emerging?Or how about the Borgia family?Or how about the rest of the religions?Have you ever heard of the fatimid faction of islam?Do you think that is the name of Mohammed's bike?

"I am not responsible for the human race's twisted nature."

No,indeed.But you should take responsability for yours.

"According to much here, human doesn't HAVE one (bad side), yet generally resent being reminded some do, and many are STILL holding positions of power, elected as often as not."

So we are again crying discrimaination.Unfortunately, even that is not a cure for your hypocrisy and lack of knowledge.

"Some of those representatives are giving directives to our forces to inflict injury in the name of Freedom, where our fighting young men are also inflicting brutalities NOT in the line of duty, to this moment, on foreign soils, because we have been lead to believe our foe is less than human?"

So this is just a male thing.It would have nothing to do with greed, which of course, is an entirely male thing too.

And "we" haven't been lead to believe anything.Maybe you have, I wouldn't be surprised.
I don't condone war,no matter how it is advertised and by who, so don't give me the "holliest than thou" type of baloney.

"Then explain why it's an accepted part of military life to Rape or get raped by your Buddy? Or that war time excuses raping, pillaging and murder of women and children to the extremes we know them to exist, as we write."

I would like to remind you that all armies that have fought in the name or religion have also raped,killed children, slaughtered,and "inflicted" brutality,for what you would call a just cause,even though they were "God fearing people".Check the historical evidence.

How about being abused by your "friendly neighborhood" priest as a child, during peace time?You think that is better?And do you think that this priest thing has been going on only recently, and only for the catholic church?

But do not forget that while most of the horrors you mention happen during wartime (mostly), religion through its various "instruments" had invented the holy war even during peace time, and has inflicted even more horrible crimes than the one you mentioned.

How dare you make such accusations in the name of a religion that had raped and sodomized women and men with red hot iron rods in the name of faith, to confess their sinns with the devil?Or that have forced poor people under torture to kiss red hot crosses to see if they have indeed sinned or not? Have you heard of the "Nuremberg Maiden"?Search to see what it was.
And all these atrocities have been done by God fearing and educated people, nevertheless.

"Whatever evil that is I wish God would wipe it out, but then you would judge Him for that, where it isn't fixing itself."

Sure, why not.Let someone else do what people themselves should do.How convenient.It simply eliminates all your responsabilities in the society.
Boy, you are such a hypocrite.

"It could prove such behaviour as acceptable and condoned, too many having been thus afflicted, so see no wrong in passing it on - or succumbing to it. Ask any incest or spousal abuse victim. Many in recovery had to overcome 'accepting their lot' because there weren't always avenues nor support to report ... for a child, most particularly. MANY in this world have came to accept it as just the way it is."

How dare you even mention the sufferning of these victims,when the leaders/members of your faith have heavily contributed to these attrocities?

Yes, the society is the way it is, and sooner or later it should be changed.But this change won't become possible until people like you will realize that it is people who have to induce these changes,and not wait for some divine intervention to guide their (lack of)spirit.

It is because this lack of spirit that wars start.Recent ones included,and guess what?Still in the name of faith...

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