Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 15, 2004 at 12:38

Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests (Kathy)

The topic was your rude and rather bald comment about degeneracy and your insinuation that people here are degenerates. I find this personally and professionally both insulting an amusing, as you've no idea who or what I am. You're very common, I'll grnat you that.

Research in the field of explosives has given us all sorts of things, above and beyond gunpowder and dynamite. It isn't all about killing people and destroying things. Though sometimes munitions experts are called in to blow up the odd dead cow or two, especially in Bavaria. You may not like it, but experimental explosives research is still research, and it conforms to the definiton of research and it is carried out in a manner so as to generate and analyze data, which is the function of research. You needn't sneer and denigrate; it's possible that such research may benefit people with peacetime injuries or losses due to cancer or diabetes.

"I'm not gay (so wasn't inviting your 'touch'),"

So what? I'm not "gay" either. I'm generally pretty sober to the point of morosity. But I wouldn't give a damn if you were "gay", or homosexual, either, for that matter; it wouldn't in any way diminish your humanity or your worth in my eyes. Perhaps you need to be "touched" by the hand of a healer to remove the scales from your eyes and let you see the world for what it is, a speck of life in a universe governed by logic and reason, admitting of being comprehended by intelligent beings through the tools of science anad rsearch, not some mystical dumping ground for cast off animated toys and an experimental breeding ground for all sorts of quasi-authoritative miasmas masquerading as faith.

This is a Science forum leave the faith out of it. Otherwise you're poisoning the well for everyone. Check out Thumper's mommy's rule. It's simplistic but succinct, and applicable everywhere.

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