Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests

Posted by Shasta on Mar 15, 2004 at 12:17

Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests (Kathy)

Oh, and seeing how landmines blow up isn't saving lives? Tell that to the Vietnamese children who've lost their legs, or their lives, because they didn't know they were in minefields.

And it is considered research.

I fail to see how it could be seen that you were inviting her "touch", when you didn't say a fscking word about her, except that "I wouldn't want your hands on my person". She said "I wouldn't want your person on my hands, either". How the fsck does it follow that she "touched" you?

Baggage is left behind at airports, too. Or do you prefer to fly "God Airways - No Terrorists, and you get there really safely". Or do you just strap a bible to your back and wait for a divine miracle? You've been waiting an awfully long time, haven't you?

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