Re: Forgive me (God does)

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 15, 2004 at 11:54

Re: Forgive me (God does) (Kathy)

Your political agenda is beginning to wear a bit thin. I'm not a fan of the US military, but I sure don't care to have some expatriate gadfly haranguing endlessly about the bad that is in all of us and its unfortunate expression. We all have learned to put up with things that are wrong in our lives, and to change them when we can, but this is not the purview of a Science forum. I can't imagine what you think is at all relevant to Science in your entire long rambling post. The fact that we have a military that goes out into the world searching for misbegotten racists and murderers with behavioral problems not unlike your son should tell you that in the final analysis, for our civilization to persist, some people must be excluded, even unto death.

This is a Science forum; at least it was, a while back. It seems to be under attack by religious fundamentlist entities with an agenda that includes blathering and babbling about anything but Science. We heard you out; we honored what you had to share. Would it be asking so very much for you to honor the spirit of this place and respect the intent of its existence, by sticking to Science and refraining from long rambling meanders through your consciousness/subconscious? Science is not about the US military or any other. Science concerns things measurable, testable, experimentable; the furtherance of knowledge, not the dumping of invective and opinion.

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