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Posted by Kathy on Mar 15, 2004 at 05:42

Re: Forgive me (God does) (DA Morgan)

Forgiveness - asking is acknowledging a mistake or misjudgement. There is, of course, an expectation, in so asking, of accounting for those actions (crimes = time?), hence it's understood the one asking intends altering their approach, (in THOR'S case).

Forgiveness - receiving is acknowledging that asking person recognizes a mistake, and extends good will they won't repeat it.

Fact. A person can't be forgiven unless asked to be, and denial of their apology has no bearing. They are forgiven for asking.

For God to forgive, you consent to not doing (whatever destructive deed) again, or the lessons get harder.

Priests and sexual abuse. I ran Peter Hollingworth (our self-deposed Governor General) OUT of office, because of his prior position with such churches, that defended such things. There are evils 'evolving' within those establishments that's taken affairs with nuns to raping our sons. Finally that, too, is being addressed. Also have a real suitable fellow all lined up to replace Johnny Howard, and it looks like he's going to win ... hands down.

At the moment one of our major football teams (Bulldogs) is up for pack raping, but never seen to be brought up on charges/to justice (and certainly no apologies, nor requests for forgiveness), nor has their gladiator status changed one bit. All was closeted as IF a Church, in private 'tribunals', which always found her guilty (of being there). Trouble is, by pack raping their fans (multiple incidents reported every year of various teams), their club is loosing so much financial support, they might go under from the repercussions of that along, however SIX aren't going to be playing NEXT season, for any body, as they aren't going to get away with it, again.

I am not Catholic, nor were the football players. It's not my place to forgive them or the clergy abusing their positions (since I doubt they'll ask me, as I wasn't one of their victims), nor am I inclined to believe all whom do ask, but at least give them the benefit of the doubt. If/when that proves dangerous, remove yourself ... or them, from their position.

And pick your Heroes/role models/leaders MORE carefully.

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