Re: At the Heart of a Glowing Controversy

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 13, 2004 at 14:04

Re: At the Heart of a Glowing Controversy (Mike Kremer)

Do you really enjoy stomping roaches? They're still going to run, even with a UV light. Unless you're into really kinky photography with spot patterns, or something, it's probably more expense than would be returned on the investment. There are easier ways to get rid of roaches. Just trap a bunch of them, euthanize them (a quick shot of carburetor cleaner is painless and efficient) and let them dry at room temperature to a crackly crunch. Whiz em in the blender until they're powder and dust along the mopboards and cracks. Do this several times and the mortality rate will start to exceed the vitality of the fecund little buggers.

There's a lesson in this, if we care to observe; it tells the discerning why we should not feed animals on the remains of their own or related species. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will heed the lesson and become wise.

Or you can simply squirt powdered boric acid in their favorite spots and listen for the satisfying sound of roach tummies exploding in the night. It's a real gas!

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