Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests

Posted by Pasti on Mar 14, 2004 at 21:13

Re: Donor bodies blown up for army tests (Kathy)

"Hasn't this thread degenerated!"

I don't know.Has it?

"Wouldn't want your hands on my person, either ... dead or alive, be you "scientists"?"

As usual, it is very hard to follow your line of thinking,if any.
But no one wants to get you dead or alive,certainly not scientists.
What exactly is your point?

"If they really wanted to see how well their footwear wears, go give them to those whom could use them."

I am afraid that you didn't quite get the ideea of the experiment.It is not about how footware behaves under normal wear and tear, but how it behaves under explosions.
Do you actually read/understand what you post?

"No fair, blowing them up while walking, however land-mines might provide the statistics they're looking for ..."

Again,I have no clue what you want to say.Blowing up who?

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