Re: God Vs Science

Posted by Pasti on Mar 14, 2004 at 20:58

Re: God Vs Science (DA Morgan)

"If one posits a Judeo-Christian god that created the universe then one must posit a god that existed before the big bang and therefore before, or outside of, space-time.
If you are going to believe in a Judeo-Christian god then you must believe that this universe is purely deterministic ... if not to us ... at least to its creator."

We agree here, in regard of the God existing before the Universe being created.And if we set our minds to it, each could come with a dozen of such arguments.

And about the determinism, but not in the quantum mechanical sense, in the sense I tried to explain.
What I tried to emphasize was that Meas addition did not make for a better argument.Actually, it did not change the argument in the way he wanted.

And it was a misconception abut quantum mechanics worth setting straight.

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