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Posted by peep on Mar 14, 2004 at 15:08

Re: God Vs Science (Pasti)

Concerning the universe as having a "beginning", you state that "science does not say this." According to your very next statement, though, Science does support the notion of it having a "beginning" because such is "correct in classical general relativity."

Sorry, but your position here is not clear at all. Is your audience to understand that general relativity is NOT something that Science routinely speaks of and makes reference to? If Science, however, is a proponent of such, then a retraction and/or rephrasing of your apparently contradictory statements (made in such close proximity to one another no less) would necessarily be in order.

No offense intended, but no serious consideration can be given to the remainder of your post otherwise, especially in light of the fact that additional contradictions can be found throughout. For instance, in one sense, you seem to be implying that it is ridiculous for one to hold that there are similarities between what modern Science says and what portions of the Bible say, yet you then come right out and state, "Moreover, the Old Testament seems to refer to a very modern universe, from the scientific viewpoint."

Noting a possible confusion of issues, please, in the spirit of true Science, neither force God/Religion into the question, nor force Him/It out of it. Rather, just examine and consider the question... concerning the processes governing the formation of the universe now known to exist, are there similarities between modern Scientific and ancient Biblical descriptions of such or not?

Much of what you have stated, Patsi, noted contradictions included, actually leads to an affirmative answer, and with that in mind, this line of discussion unfortunately must be concluded by returning to you (with some modification) your own question -- where again exactly do you NOT see any similarity between what Science says and what the Bible says?

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