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Posted by Pasti on Mar 14, 2004 at 14:10

Re: Forgive me (Cure for Gravity)

Yep, this is pretty much what I was alluding at, though I was referring to Christ as the role model.

But indeed, this forgiveness business has been taken to the extremme,and for centuries long.

In a certain way, this thing with "Forgive me father, for I have sinned", "Yes my son,50 Hail Marys before breakfeast, after lunch and before you go to bed, and God will forgive you" (no particular emphasis on catholicism, it's just an example)is the recipe, or carte blanche if you like better, for people to commit, hm, let's call them sinns, to use the dedicatde language.

And worst,it is the seed for lack of repect to your fellow human beings.You bludgeon someone to death with the baseball bat, but it's OK, never mind that you have taken a life, and never mind that the others consider you a murderer.A much higher authority has forgiven you,and you can readily start yelling discrimination,and all the related.After all, you are a good Christian, and if God in all his might has forgiven you...

Granted, this example is a bit extreme (although it applies directly to the classical italian mobsters),but it can be easily translated to more common problems in the real, day to day life.Why "love thy neighbour" when in fact God forgives you anyway?

And if I ever understood anything at al about religion, and christianity in particular, this is not exactly the way it should be.But predictably so, it is what it has become. If there were a one penny tax on all the confessions AND forgivenesses issued in the process,the church could easily give up asking for donations.

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