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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 13, 2004 at 11:16

Re: At the Heart of a Glowing Controversy (Amaranth Rose)

Suppose any farmer could easily grow crops to nutritiously feed his nation without added pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer. Suppose there were an efficiently generated unlimited abundance of disease-free beef, poultry, fish...

We could do that, you know. Easily. A bunch of pot-heads took 1960s marijuana with 0.5 wt-% mixed THC isomers and - without a single government grant - produced 100% female hydroponic Northern Lights boo that is 30 wt-% /_\-9 THC in a decade. They used Mendelian breeding (if that). In the past 40 years $billion/year funding for rice research worldwide (i.e., mostly paid for by the US) came up with "better rice" (which is to say, the same stuff).

A summer undergrad lab in recomb DNA at Caltech could remove the concept of starvation from the entire planet. Ask yourself this simple question: "Who would benefit from that?"

Abundance and religion are contradictory. Stalin, Mao... and India and Africa today wield famine as a potent political tool. How much/gallon does a farmer get for full fat milk? What do you pay/gallon for the water-diluted FDA-approved result? Corn and wheat are so cheap they are burned as fuel in the US mid-West. The cardboard box costs more than the breakfast cereal contained therein - and look what you pay for the combination.

Turn on the news. Washington offers you protection, salvation, and subsidy - not retention of fruits of your own labors. Quite the contrary! Exactly the opposite.

Uncle Al ays, "Any government big enough to give you everything is more than big enough to take it all away." Vote for the President.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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