Re: God Vs Science

Posted by Kathy on Mar 13, 2004 at 15:03

Re: God Vs Science (Sam)

To much of science, it makes more sense that a quantum singularity just appeared that spun our Universe into existence (against all odds, as they know them) - rather than having The Thought, then put it into Action, by an intelligent being. That constitutes invention, at least.

After all, not the brightest and learned can yet build a perpetual motion machine, yet see THIS one was happenchance, and their writing down observations and tampering, as genius. They prefer nuclear, fossil fuels, mutations on all levels and dumping garbage in all the wrong places, but prefer you not see the egg on their faces.

They would also scour space in search of life, believing in that "unknown". They also suffer the belief they can found/settle someplace more habitable than Planet Earth, after destroying it's balance (rather than fully addressing it).

To plan a space mission they still use rockets, slide rules and technology that's been around for 30+ years, and to make a trip, they have to dodge the junk they've left strewn up there. Again, they don't believe in God, but maybe Nature, to clean up their messes. And it will, once nature removes the source, or the source reduces the carnage.

Not logical, but then not all science is, nor do all those so learned exclude the ultimate Creator.

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