God Vs Science

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Sam on Mar 13, 2004 at 05:35

Hi all,

It seems interesting to think the existance of God in a scientific viewpoint. I discussed with peoples (including some one who is working in science), and i concluded the discussion some thing like this.
"In science we need proof for everything. And in science everything is not complete yet. Now also lot of things remain hidden. we will not say any thing about that unless or otherwise we get solid reasons"
"In the case of religion, Everything is defined. but they say that certain things are beyond our ability. so we cannot dig the proof for that."
i met a saint and i asked him the same question..what he told was 'the ultimate law is of nature'.. It preserves everything within the boundaries of its own law.. It will remove things (what ever it may be) which stands against it. For example the extinction of Dinosaurs millions of years ago.. nature selected them to extinction... and you can tell that this is the law of God if you need a scientific basis "

what do you people say on this



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