Re: Love detector?

Posted by Pasti on Mar 13, 2004 at 01:51

Re: Love detector? (Kathy)

"I mirror what's given to me, or what I feel like responding to."

It would benefit you more if instead of being a mirror,or responding as you feel,you would use some judgement and some reason(ing).

And speaking of hypocrisy, what exactly is the relation between mirroring what's given to you and "turn the other cheek"?And please don't tell me that you've read the Old Testament recently...

"Have another read, and, by deduction, give an accurate accounting of the number delivering insult compared to my returning them."

You do see the logical nonsense in your previous two phrases.If youy mirror what's sent to you,the accounting is simply one-to-one.

My advice is for you to get a better command of the english language.
E.g." deduction, give an accurate accounting...".Accounting by deduction???And accurate?If it's an accounting, it CANNOT be by deduction,and if thetre is any deduction involved, it CANNOT be accurate.This as much as logics goes.
Do you read what you write, or is it part of the "...what I feel like..." ?

"As I said more recently, it took me a while to catch on, nor do I wish to catch up. Just keeping the record straight."

I am growing rather tired of your whinning in regard to how you are treated on this board.Let me put it bluntly:no one is forcing you to post here.Everyone posting here does it for fun,and because they want it.And if you don't like the style,well,find yourself a more appropriate forum.Most likely your friend anyman could provide you with a list of such "appropriate" forums, if you ask him.

If you decide to stay,which I hope you do,you will notice that if you treat people with respect (and by now you should know what I mean by this), you will be treated with respect.

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