Re: Research on Crack Babies

Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 13, 2004 at 10:58

Re: Research on Crack Babies (Lyn)

"crack babies" research 2960 hits

Social advocate publication is self-serving crap. Look up the scholarly stuff in peer-reviewed professional journals. If you cannot understand the technical journals,

  1. Get better educated. That is the object of the exercise. Nobody wants to hear you eructate given the current state of your abilities and knowledge. Failing that...

  2. SHUT UP! Do something you can understand.

People are not created equal. The stupid cannot think. The untalented have no talents to display. Jackson "Jack the Dripper" Pollack was not an artist, he was an bunko artiste; ditto John Cage. Objective reality exists. Empirically respect it.

Uncle Al
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