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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 12, 2004 at 03:26

Re: Science (Pasti)

I'd have to agree with you about the parallel between religion and support groups. The question is, what is religion seeking to ameliorate? What addiction is religion seeking to counter? Perhaps the natural proclivity of humans to be cruel, to torture and gratuitously injure and destroy what is around us? The tendency to label and categorize people and things, and mark them "good" or "bad" (which is sometimes spelled "diffferent") and then try to destroy the latter? I'm not sure.

As far as it being a choice between lifelong intervention and short term treatment to a cure point, IMHO therapy is nice, perhaps, but Prozac is more to the point when dealing with immediate crises like acute Seasonal Affective Disorder; however, neither is going to "fix" the underlying neurosynaptical problem that leads to SAD crises in the first place.

Where one stands in respect to one's conception of the divine, whatever that may be, or the lack thereof, determines what one does, how one treats the world and those in it. The outward actions are the projection of the individual's inner balance and beliefs. Religion isn't what you say you are; it's what you do in the crunch and your inner judgement of those actions, your dialogue with the divine. Every person's relationship to their concept of the divine is and of a right ought to be their own private affair, IMHO.

"Religion has become a matter of social activities "

Too may times this is true. Religion has become somthing to go to, something to do, something to put on and take off. Hellloooo! It's something you are, inside. If I preach kindness, and I go home and kick my cat because I'm frustrated, I'm a hypocrite. It doesn't stop at the door. It goes everywhere with you. Fancy that. How hard it is to get the concept across.

It's too bad we can't have two kinds of religion; one, a social organization for the purpose of spending time in the company of others like ourselves, and the other to further the spiritual growth and development of its members. It might lead to less hypocrisy.

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