Re: Britain okays Gen Mod Corn

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 11, 2004 at 20:40

Re: Britain okays Gen Mod Corn (Mike Kremer)

I think my neighbors would appreciate it if I maintained my a little more vigorously. When the County Weed Inspector (yes, we have such a thing!) comes along and all he does is call my name and I nod and hang my head and we've communicated fully, you know it's pretty bad.

But they're so pretty in their wild, profligate profusion, scrambling up at random in the untilled margins and empty lots, peeking out from every shrub and shady spot or barren blast. They've got the grit to sprout and make their home there; who am I to say they have no right to remain?

They do seem more hardy, those wild children. Perhaps that's why they apppeal so much to me, the eternal rose. They will remain long after I am gone.


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