God Believers everywhere

Posted by Kathleen Eykamp on Mar 11, 2004 at 16:14

Re: God Believers helplessly hooked on Science (Feo Amante)

Non-believers completely blindsided by their self-import, brainwashed by their own delusions thus programmed in, being completely out of touch with natural reality and with blinkers firmly in place, are playing god, but without goodly outcomes. The two extremes must meet, eventually.

Indifference to a God or lack of one is one thing, but hostility towards not only a God but all whom might believe in Him, says quite another. It implies anger at unanswered questions from those whom MUST believe, or you wouldn't get angry about something you don't see any value in - you just pass on it.

As for science and faith ... and law, for that "matter" - they need not be mutually exclusive. Furthermore, there are many points on which they converge, more daily. That's a scientifically proven fact. That Godly men can think with a scientific bent and Science can be more godly in outcome is HOPE, my friend - not disillusionment nor fancy.

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