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Posted by True on Mar 11, 2004 at 15:37

Re: Science (Pasti)

Many of them want to take the easy path. They have been told what is good and what is bad. They haven't explored good or bad to find out what they are, or if they can actually say that there is a good or bad. I like your statement about "a personal relationship with the divinity." I also like the statement about meditation, praying and transcendental experiences in your reply to Bill Gill. I think those practices are as close as you can come to applying the scientific method to personal religious experiences. I've tried those methods myself. I've also read about electrically stimulating parts of the brain and duplicating the same states of mind, including visions of god, lights at the ends of tunnels,and feelings of nothingness. There's probably no way to know if these experiences are (like I believe) electrical and chemical or (like I sometimes want to believe) spritual. Where was I going with this before I started rambling.. oh yea, if these so-called religious people haven't considered testing their beliefs or at least considered that it might be flawed, then they should, and quit wasting time trying to do "good" to get a reward.

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