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Posted by Pasti on Mar 11, 2004 at 08:47

Re: Science (True)

I am not even sure if it heals anything, or if many actually comprehend this healing.

To a quite large extent for many people calling themselves religious,religion (that is organized religion) seems to be another form of support group.And like with all modern support groups (by this I mean what support groups have become in the recent, say about 10, years), they acknowledge the problem, but treatment, so to speak becomes a lifelong issue,instead of helping people in a finite amount of time to get over the problem and be able to pursue a rather normal life afterwards(think of the AA support groups for illustration).

Going back to these so called "pious" people, they miss the main point of what they are doing, namely the personal relation with the divinity.

Religion has become a matter of social activities (mainly consisting of fund raisingand volunteering),and punching time cards, so to speak,by regularly going to church.And the sad thing is that very many people, and I really mean very many people, think that by doing so, they automatically are "good people", that this is the sine qua non recipe for becoming "good people", or for others that do so to be "good people".

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