Re: God NOT out of the equation in evolution

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 10, 2004 at 12:51

Re: God NOT out of the equation in evolution (Pasti)

Science over the door. Yes, for some it is a beacon, for others it says "molest here".

I learned about Baba Yaga the same place I learned about medicine and particle Physics: my mother's knee. Just because I'm an American doesn't mean I'm uncouth. :-) My personal culture is spun of many threads.

In regards to your Easter story, there is much I might say, but I think a comment made by one of my Baptist friends sums it up best of all. She said, "It's sure easy enough to tell who wears the Christianity in that family!"

And the piercing look? Don't tell anyone else, but they send prospective brides to school to learn how to do that....

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