Re: God NOT out of the equation in evolution

Posted by Pasti on Mar 10, 2004 at 05:43

Re: God NOT out of the equation in evolution (Amaranth Rose)

Well, I guess the reason why they spew their slogans on this board is because of either intolerance(read imbecility in many of the cases)or because of a misdirected sense of martyrdom through preaching.You know the ideea, your faith is tested not among believers but among "pagans", and I guess for very many science is cathegorized as such, together with islamism, or whatever else stands in front of their goals,whichever those may be...And they feel that it is the time to attack such "pagans" threatening their unstable faith.And the Science" logo on the website becomes an invitation...

BTW, where did you hear about Baba Yaga?Just curious for the obvious reason.

I remember a few years back, I went with my wife at the Easter mass at a greek orthodox church in Maine.It was the year with the war around Kosovo, and I remember that one of the parishoners was very upset when the priest asked for donations to be sent to Kosovo,his argument being that he is christian, and he will never donate money to help muslims.And the guy got pretty fired upon this issue, which made me sick at the time.
However,the story has a kind of funny ending.The guy was at the mass with his family, including his wife.Who got annoyed after about 5 minutes of his whinning.And when the donation basket, plate, or whatever it was came by,she fixed him with a very nasty look.And guess what?A "miracle" happend.The guy became instantly silent, took out his checkbook and wrote a check on the spot,his wife's eyes piercing him.And not a word came out of his mouth anymore.His wife never spoke a word,only looked nasty at him.I loved it.
But you know what was funnier than this?The priest thanked his wife for the donation, without addressing him a word.
I bet the guy had an Easter dinner that he won't forget for a long time...

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