Re: God NOT out of the equasion in evolution

Posted by Shasta on Mar 09, 2004 at 20:46

Re: God NOT out of the equasion in evolution (Thorlord)

May we have that sentence in (preferably, more than) one standard English sentence, complete with subject and verb?

Here follows a complete and utter nuking of your sentence structure, liberally sprinkeled with insults at your intelligence and maturity.

You guy suck!!!

So, Ogg, have you moved out of "me ogg, me big stick, me teepee full of poop" era yet? Apparently not.
Also, the exclaimation point is normally a single punctuation character. Unless your keyboard has some kind of weird "repeat 3 times if user hits the 1 key" macro between it and your browser, one punctuation mark is generally acceptable, unless trying to display different emotions, such as: "Phil raped Sue?!"

Moving on...

If you don't

Your one segment without grammatical errors. I commend you. C-grade material.


your doomed to hell!!!

When it belongs to the person, there's no apostrophe. When you are trying to do something, it's "you're", and when it's referring to something way in the past, it's "yore".

Also, Hell is generally capitalized, or at least it is by every religious-type person I know of.

Aside from that, I'd like to ask "what about my "doomed to hell"?" I'd sure to hate to see him gone, as he is such a help around the garden.

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