Primordial Recipe for Life--add Chemicals, Stir, and a Spark

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 12, 2004 at 21:55

Most every University graduate knows the story of Stanley Miller, who fifty years ago filled a flask with Methane, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Water and chemicals
..zapped it with an Electric spark in order to create the building blocks of life. That was back in 1952.
His experiment stunned the world when it was discovered that over half the Amino acids required for life, appeared in his flasks.
Carl Sagan stated that 'no single experiment has ever done more to convince scientists that life is
likely abundant in the cosmos'
Stanley Miller was in his early twentys, when he fired the imagination of the world with his experiment.
Professor Stanley Miller now in his 70's is still around, working at University of California, San Diego, where he is still producing amino-acids using a reducing atmosphere and electric sparks in glass flasks.

Why do I mention him?
Well his unique and simple idea has inspired
thousands of 'life seeking' scientists, the world over, he should have got the Nobel prize for that alone.

My thoughts went to Miller, after reading "Life From Borax? Why Not!" 10/Jan '04 (DA Morgan and Uncle Al) below.
**My thoughts
"Add a Bit of Borax to his flasks". We might yet get... "Biogenesis, even the Spontaneous Creation of Life"
The concept alone is enough to re-stir the Catholic church, prehaps even anyman, from their torpor.

But on a more serious vein, I do invite you read about Prof: Stanley Miller, he's alive and kicking and should never be forgotten.
and Here
You all have a wonderful New Year now. Remember 2004
may well be the year we find extraterrestial life out there.
God knows we need to. Spare a thought or two upon the highly evolved animal life we are extinguishing upon this planet, and all the money we are spending, looking for the primitive, up there.
Yes the future will hate us,....guaranteed.

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