Re: Positive and Negative Refractive index using Ferroelectrics

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 06, 2004 at 19:34

Re: Positive and Negative Refractive index using Ferroelectrics (Uncle Al)

It certainly sounds great. A far denser read/write
storage system is essential, if science is to progress.The theory seems fine, to put it into practise, would be difficult.
the blue laser diode is a recent (Japanese)development. Understanding the laser writing to a doped film of Lithium Niobate is fine. But first one has to control dope your Lith Nio: using a similar technique in forming synthetic ruby (from a boule, using HF heating) Then one has to bond the Lith N film to a (disk?)substrate.
For maximum packing, the data should be placed at diff depths. Continual refocussing the blue laser is a technical no no, (power and time waster) So I expect a revolving mirror might be a 3D depth method....which unfortunately would make it near immpossible to be correctly re-read upon another similar system?
Its my experience that while the inventor opts for, and continues his quest for his super better system.
Other companys will bring out a less efficient system, and actually make money for a few years.
I expect two layer DVD writers will come out before the end of this year. Allowing copying of DVD's on the fly, negating the need to waste time uncommpressing and re-compressing from a Hard D.

Prehaps simpler high storage methods will be adequate, and used for the next few years, until
doped Lithium Niobate really hits the headlines.

Vertical paramagnetic domains on a disk are Ok, but limited to domain size and packing. High disk speeds, might not be read accurately?
Silver doping of a glass disk (similar to PhotoChromic sunglasses) Very fast reacting to
a strong photon source. No info on this.
Quartz disc? or better, quartz fiber blasted with a microwave radio source (changes the quartz internally)storage only?
Whatever method is used for the next few years the winners are the Military and the public.

I have the utmost admiration for Michael E.Thomas
the Inventor, and his Company - Colossal Storage
for using Scienceagogo to post his wonderful ideas
and patents. I wish him well.

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