Re: God NOT out of the equasion in evolution

Posted by gifts on Mar 05, 2004 at 01:13

Re: God NOT out of the equasion in evolution (Uncle Al)

She was right - doesn't take much to get you going. Careful or your rage will rule your life entirely, FOREVER. At best it will eventually land you at odds because you're indimidating by any standard - plenty of grounds to doubt - lot of copy ...

I liked the poem she sent, too. Obviously you didn't get her message, as she sees YOU as one of THOSE that would crush any life there might be, out of a stone, as a matter of course, and as a direct result of someone having tried to do it to you. That says a lot, having read all your replies - at least you're consistent. A prime example of the Sins of the Fathers ... (does not have to be a literal father but those whom made the most impression). Again, she was right, but then she usually is.

By your own account, that still doesn't justify your threats, on a science forum. Why don't you try growing up?

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