Meet your Meat on their feet

Posted by gifts on Mar 04, 2004 at 14:14

Re: Feo: Meet your Meat (Amaranth Rose)

A motorist was traversing down a country road at 100 mph, to be overtaken by a CHICKEN! He sped up to catch the chicken but it shot off even faster, than down a drive.

This traveller has to follow this up as has never seen a chicken so fast. As it turns out it's a poultry meat farm, and he asks the farmer how those chickens run SO FAST - passing him at over 100 mph.

The farmer advises there's a demand for chicken legs so they mutated their birds to have three.

"How do they taste?", asks the morotist.

"Don't know!", replies the farmer - "haven't been able to catch one yet ..."

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