Feo2: Meet your Meat

Posted by Feo Amante on Mar 04, 2004 at 13:54

Re: Feo: Meet your Meat (Amaranth Rose)

Sure the muscles would restrict the elongation of the bone - but by how much? Would 6 of temporary stretch be possible? Probably.

How about someone who has this ability over the long term and exercises to accomodate for it?

Would they get an extra foot of reach or height out of it? How would that affect strength? What use would this person be, say, in a colonizing effort? I'm not just referring to lifting heavier weights, which also depends on the spine and trunk muscles, but the reach ability without being permanently changed.

Of course this works both ways, the compacting of limbs for tight spaces. I'm thinking limbs because they are the easiest scenario. Compacting the trunk and all the organs is a larger complication requiring a much higher complexity of modification to take into account variables such as blood pressure and digestion.

Cool stuff for a writer to think about though.

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