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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 04, 2004 at 12:23

Re: How to avoid Virus Infections (An Outsider)

I got my education the hard way; I paid for it myself. I picked up road-kill to eat and scrounged paper other people had thrown away to do my homework on. My cat ate well on the creatures that crawled and slithered in through the cracks of my adobe "house". When my bicycle broke down I walked until I could get it fixed. Most of my food was what the grocery store and bakery had thrown away. A can of tuna was six day's worth of food for me. I'm no stranger to adversity. But I learned from my teachers and sought to better myself, not lash out at others and blame them for my troubles. I don't look down on anyone, nor expect anyone to look up to me. I meet people on the level, and I respect them all. But I do expect to see Science in Science-a-go-go.

I'm sorry you see other people's vocabulary as intimidating. Different homes have different vocabularies; I speak many dialects, accordingly. But most usually I write what I am comfortable with, the type of language that was spoken in my home when I was growing up. For several generations back my family has consisted of people who availed themselves of the best education available to them and were not ashamed of their accomplishments.

Perhaps you might look at it as an opportunity to learn, rather than taking offense at the illumination offered by the precise use of language in this setting. The candle is lit; what you do with the light is up to you.

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