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Posted by Feo Amante on Mar 04, 2004 at 10:32

Re: Meet your Meat (Uncle Al)

You know, every so often you come across a news item that really stimulates your imagination for writing. This one did.

The implications as well as the possible offshoot technologies for every day life appear boundless.

One thing about this article and all articles regarding genetics and both their modification on a human scale, and their applications to industrial use: For me it puts to bed the idea of ever having a future "Borg" society where people have plastics and metals enhancing or assisting their abilities.

Right now I'm thinking of a person who has organic machinery enhancements. A cyborg created using their own modifiedgenetic material.

I'm not merely talking about regrowing a leg or arm. But enhanced eyes that can see a wider range of wavelengths. Bones with altered cellular structure that, at command, can turn, re-align, and temporarily extend a limb. Then turn again and bring the arm back to its default position. Why anyone would need such enhancements is another story. But I think the "futuristic" of a plastic or metal robo-human can be laid to rest now.

Feo Amante

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