Re: Mass and Energy

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 03, 2004 at 15:33

Re: Mass and Energy (Uncle Al)

Emc˛ is probably Einsteins greatest discovery, Mass is a FORM of Energy. Concentrated energy.
It takes a large amount of initial Energy to convert Mass to Energy. ie the Atomic bomb.
Therefore it seems logical that it would take an enormous amount of Energy to produce a tiny amount of Mass.
The only way that I know of producing Mass from Energy is in a Particle Accelerator (Cern) where they use large amounts of energy to smash sub- atomic particles together at almost light speed.
Converting motional energy into Mass + energy.
i.e producing a few NEW particles that were not there before.
Its wasteful, using large amounts of energy to produce a few particles. Simplistic thinking it may be Sam, but it may be 'proof' enough for you?

That is unless Uncle Al tells us that we are only stripping away existing particles to expose the original building blocks of matter?

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