Re: Mars Had Enough Water for Life, NASA Says.

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 03, 2004 at 14:28

Re: Mars Had Enough Water for Life, NASA Says. (Pasti)

Well yes admittedly it does depend a lot on what you want to believe, espcially in the case of the Spinx. The date that it was carved is still in dispute. Since its present face is believed by some not to be its original, which would make it older.
Prevailing wind plus (falling) sand could carve the base of the Spinx as seen in pictures, over a
long time period? Would falling rainwater carve sandstone quicker? Funny one is never shown other sides of the plinth in photos. Both sides believe
they are right. Proof dos'nt seem to come easy.

Regards Mars drenched in water, I believe they have come to that conclusion due to the large amount of salt lying around, as well as finding salt inside the single rock, thats been drilled so far. Inside it could only get there by the(presumed) capillery action of water?
With two Rovers on the surface NASA needs all the positive publicity it can get. In fact I would'nt be surprised if they came up with a blury macro photo of a possible ancient dried tubular worm case. "They believe, and so they will find" Additional evidence will come up before the Rovers die, just wait and see.

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