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Scientists Need Your Help!

Mars scientists are asking students from around the world to help them understand the red planet. Send in a rock from your region of the world, and we will use a special tool like the one on the rover to tell you what it's made of. Then everyone can compare their rocks to the ones found on Mars.

We'll post a picture of your rock on the web, and give you a report on what kind of rock it is. We'll also send you an official certificate and Mars sticker for your contribution.

Your rock will be kept in a special collection where scientists from around the world can come to study them.

Place to Send Your Rock:
Dr. Phil Christensen
Mars Space Flight Facility
Arizona State University
PO Box 876305, Moeur Building Rm 131
Tempe, AZ 85287-6305

Here's how you can participate:

Minimum to send:

* Rock - minimum 2" / maximum 6" (preferred 4" size)
* Name
* Age
* Address (to send certificate and sticker - not released)
* Name of city/village and country (include zipcode if US)
* Clean rock - wash with water if dirty (make free of dirt)

NOTE: Only First Names, Age, and Cities will be listed on the web


* Latitude/longitude of sample site
* Name of geographic feature (if it has one) where rock was collected
* Copy of map with location where rock was collected
* Picture of rock in person's hand for scale
* Picture of location where rock was collected (with no people)
* Short paragraph describing area where rock was collected
* Release form for name

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