Re: Mars Had Enough Water for Life, NASA Says.

Posted by Pasti on Mar 02, 2004 at 21:24

Re: Mars Had Enough Water for Life, NASA Says. (Mike Kremer)

So, after reading the article, what exactly is the proof that Mars was drenched in water?

From images of stones that look as if... this is a pretty weak conclusion.On one hand, images, even grayscale images,very seldom can be interpreted without additional external info.To put it differently, give me the photo of a tree and a good image processing software, and I can show you the portret of Mona Lisa on the fifth branch.

On the other hand,extrapolating terran geology to martian conditions is again, quite a leap.Correct me if I am wrong, but arent't geologists still debating whether the (base structure) of the Sphinx was erroded by water (hence the ideea of a flood) or by winds?And for the time being, as much as I am aware, the debate has not been solved yet.
So, we have problems related to erosion on our own planet,but on the other hand "top experts" from NASA have ascertained based on photos of rocks that erosion was due to water on Mars?

I don't think so, not based on such proofs.There seems to be indication of water on Mars,but this is far from Mars being drenched.And proof for the existence of water on Mars is still to come.

Sounds very much like a NASA commercial to me.But what the heck, since "we" decided to go to Mars,there'd better be some fresh water waiting for us there.And who knows, maybe Schiaparelli was right...

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